Udawalawa national park

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Udawalawe National Park straddles the Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces and includes the Udawalawe Reservoir, together with much of its catchment area. Its altitudes range from about 330 ft. (100m) on the plains to 1225 ft. (373m) at the top of Ulgala, the highest point within the park. The park is surrounded by cultivated land.
Located in the Dry Zone Udawalawe comprises grasslands and thorn scrubs. Best time to see Elephants in park is the early morning and late evening. The park opens at 6 am. It is best to be at the gate by this time. In this park you will never come out without seeing some elephants. If you are lucky you might see herds over 100 elephants.
The Park entrance is less than one minute drive from the hotel premises

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