Dambulla cavern temple

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Dambulla cavern temple otherwise called the Golden Temple of Dambulla is a World Heritage Site (1991) in Sri Lanka, arranged in the focal a piece of the nation. This site is arranged 148 km east of Colombo and 72 km north of Kandy. It is the biggest and best-saved hole sanctuary intricate in Sri Lanka. The rock towers 160 m over the encompassing plains.there are more than 80 recorded collapses the encompassing range. Significant attractions are spread over 5 holes, which hold statues and artworks. These compositions and statues are identified with Lord Buddha and his life. There aggregate of 153 Buddha statues, 3 statues of Sri Lankan rulers and 4 statues of divine beings and goddesses. The last incorporate two statues of Hindu divine beings, the god Vishnu and the god Ganesh. The wall paintings blanket a range of 2,100 square metres. Portrayals on the dividers of the hollows incorporate the enticement by the devil Mara, and Buddha's first sermon.

Ancient Sri Lankans might have existed in these hole buildings before the entry of Buddhism in Sri Lanka as there are entombment locales with human skeletons about 2700 years of age here, at Ibbankatuwa close to the Dambulla cavern edifices.

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