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    True Hospitality

    You can enjoy the true hospitality and kindness of an Asian paradise.

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    Ancient cities dates back to 2500 years.

    A nation with more than two thousand five hundred years of recorded history – A civilization which wondered the world with its unbelievable irrigation systems. You can enjoy the true hospitality and kindness of an Asian paradise.

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    Wild life

    In a jeep safari you will never miss this creature which is endemic to sri lanka –A photo shoot would bring you an unforgettable memory worth keeping lifetime

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    water rafting

    Two monsoons bring Sri Lanka a rich water supply making its rivers and streams swell throughout the year. An enjoyable makes your soul alive – a true relinquishing experience with Mother Nature.

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    Elephant safari

    >The ride on the elephant that you cant find anywhere in the world – The magnificent elephants will take you through the loveliest tropical paths in the world – once in a life time experience

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    The golden tropical sandy beaches where sun soothes you. Sri Lanka the golden paradise ample sea beaches makes your holidays unforgettable.

Welcome to Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka  the pearl of the Indian ocean – having its pride over two thousand five hundred years today recreating its image as a number one tourist attraction in asia. We wormly welcome you to our country  with a hurtful of hospitality and kindness. And we are sure that your Sri Lanka tour will provide you with a rich experience of true holidaying – blended with nature and human warmth.


Our great service

We over 10 years of experience have become the number one holiday service provider in Sri Lanka and its our mission to touch more and more hearts possible throughout the globe.

  • Your stay in a foreign country need not to be embarrassing and it’s our mark to provide you with the complete luxury car  and van  service with drivers which is our own.
  • We provide you with well-trained well qualified Sri Lankan guides who are fluent in their communication so that you will never meet with such unnecessary communication barriers again.
  • We are well aware of accommodation needs and it is our expertise which supply you with your unique needs of accommodation.